Secluding of Hotel De La Chheng Spa to immerse you and be born again with our traditional rage of authentic health and beauty treatments treated by professional Cambodian therapists. Lay down at Chheng Residence Spa to pampered and rejuvenated.

Opening Time: 10:30AM to 10:00PM)

Facial Care

This organic facial includes gentle cleaning, exfoliation to shed dry, dulling skin cells and warm towel compresses to soften and promoting circulation. With each facial, your skin will become stronger and more able to maintain health and balance.

Tropical Mango Facial 60mins/$22

Mango, also known as the king of fruits, is jam packed with powerful antioxidants that will give your skin the nourishing boost it needs. Applying mango pulp to skin will revitalize and rejuvenate it as well as lock moisture into dry skin cells and slow down skin aging.

Honey-Cucumber Facial 60mins/$22

Used in conjunction with each other, these natural, healing ingredients reduce the discomforts of skin irritations and stem infection while prompting new cell growth. Designed for sensitive skin, this gentle facial is accompanied by a hand and arm massage.

Body Therapy

Herbal Scrub with Honey 60mins/$18

A scrub used to rub off hard and flaky skin. The body scrub starts by using Khmer blended herbs that are rubbed and massaged across your body and into your skin. Once the scrub is done your will shower to rinse away the herbs to leave your skin soft, smooth and fresh.

Mango & Papaya Wrap 60mins/$20

A unique experience for those who wish to detoxify, balance excess body fluids and enjoy the sensory mixed benefits of fresh seasonal mango fruit and our rich mineral clay yoghurt and will honey.

Massage Therapy


Traditional Khmer Body Massage 1hr / 1hr 30mins / 2hrs $12.60 / $15.75 / $19.95

Experience the art of Cambodian massage, with an original treatment focusing on releasing muscular tension through precise acupressure harmonizing and re-balancing your energy. After being pampered from head to toe, you will feel like reborn.

Aromatherapy Massage 1hr / 1hr 30mins / 2hrs $18.40 / $20.80 / $23.10

Our Aromatherapy treatment combines the relief of our traditional body massage with invigorating aromatic oils, teasing and pleasing your senses while lifting your spirit. Choose from our range of sensual oils; lemongrass, ginger, jasmine, citronella, lavender and many more. Please ask our Spa Team to introduce additional options.



Deep Tissue Massage 1hr / 1hr 30mins / 2hrs $19.70 / $26.25 / $33.60

This healing massage is considerably strong. By applying firm kneading pressure to the thin layer of connective tissue and separating muscle groups, we aim to restore muscular alignment and proper range of motion. This treatment frees “ locked up “ areas and emotional blocks in the body due to prolonged stress. Also helpful if you are experiencing limited range of motion, muscular spasms, aches or strains.

Thank you very much!